Friday, October 07, 2011

New Level of Understanding

This month, I picked up a book that has blown my mind. It talks about the assemblage point in clear, concise language that makes the idea accessible to the reader. However, it doesn't call it by name. Instead, it talks about the concept of how people are socialized to a master story of the culture. It explains how this story is so pervasive that we are unaware of it, and yet it drives our thoughts and behavior. The purpose of the book is to point out the master story of our time so people can see it and make conscious choices instead of being driven unaware along the socialization line.

In other words, this book says that there is an assemblage point and describes the current assemblage point of our western culture.

I'm profoundly moved as I read this book. At times, I read a page or more only to realize that the level of engagement is beyond my brain. My soul is reading the book, and the reactions are taking place at that level. I'm only vaguely aware of the reaction, feeling instead the intensity of it.

I reached the middle of the book only to realize that I needed to start over from the beginning. In this second attempt, I'm engaging consciously and deeply. It has profound content. My intention for this second reading is quite different, too. This time, I'm reading so I can really grasp the nuances of this master story, so that I can pick and choose which elements I will build into my new business work.

I want to show people how they can play the game to thrive during this economy, and at the same time, show them how (and where) to make choices that help them to separate from the master story so their souls are not crushed by the errors and shallowness of it. That's a big ambition.

During my first reading, I had a profound reaction, something that has never happened in my life before. I've always been curious about what's around the corner. I want to unravel the current threads to trace where they came from and project where they will go next. I'm always curious about the future. But as I read about part of this master story, I felt that if this is the way the world is going, I'm sure I don't want to be part of it. For the first time, I could imagine feeling weary of living and adapting. It passed, but it has left a mark on my soul.

I'm feeling quite light during this second reading. I'm able to read longer passages at a time, and I'm not feeling the weight of oppression from the shallowness of the ideas of this master story. Instead, I'm feeling inspired, seeing that I can use this information to help people both ride out the times and protect their soul at the same time. It can be done.

And this future isn't so bad. I see the markings of what some people dreamt of as the Age of Aquarius, the power of the individual to express an individual truth in the collective of people doing the same.

Some people believe that the new age actually starts in about a month on November 11, 2011. I know that my soul entered the new age decades back.

I wonder if the author of this book has any idea that his ideas resonate with the assemblage point and the teaching of Castanada? Is he a truth seeker in that vein who blended that sensibility into his more academic life work? Is the profound truth of this book on purpose? Or is this the work of an individual who choose a mundane path and through personal choices found his enlightenment in the midst of the mundane? I'd love to know the answer.


Mike said...

Will you share the title of the book with us?

Sally's Cupboard said...

Ditto, I'd love to know what book you're talking about

Craig said...

I'd love to learn the name of this book. You've piqued my curiosity.

[anonymous] said...

The book is Predictably Irrational.